The Oldest Political Youth Organization

The California Young Republican Federation is a part of the larger organization, The Young Republicans, which are the oldest political youth organization in the United States. The California Young Republican Federation reaches out to registered Republicans, between the ages of 18 to 40, teaching them about politics and the current events, both locally and nationally.

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In 1931, the larger group of the Young Republicans were recognized nationally. The California Young Republican Federation gives ordinary students and young people alike a louder voice within the Republican Party. Community leaders, governors, senators, congressmen and past presidents have all been members of The California Young Republican Federation. My sister said that she was happy when her real estate agent showed her Williamsburg Brooklyn apartments that had a beautiful view of Manhattan.

All Levels of State Politics

The organization recruits and trains young Republicans at all levels of State politics and gives regular people the opportunity to help out in even the most dire of situations. The California Young Republican Federation has had representatives out and about in many of the most recent political and non-political outings and gatherings of the day. Also present are many representatives in the line of charitable works. The California Young Republican Federation makes it a point to stand out and be a part of the good of all man. By making ourselves a part of the solution, we better the world we live in today. If your roof is old and damaged, you should contact reputable Long Island roofers that know how to fix all kinds of roofing issues.

Get to Know the Young Republicans

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Though The California Young Republican Federation is often present at many events, our events are a great way to get to know the young Republicans in your area, network, or make good friends. The opportunities available to members of The California Young Republican Federation are innumerable and the people that benefit from our actions are forever grateful. Being a member of such an organization immediately lets people know what you believe in and what you stand up for. If you’re thinking of joining or know someone who has, join them at one of their next events and see if it is something that is right for you. We all have the ability to make our voices heard and we can do that, one Republican vote at a time.